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Have Low Testosterone?
NOT anymore.

Manage your testosterone safely, effectively and affordably.

Herbal Supplements to fix ED Minnetonka, MN


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What is Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)?

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) is a solution for men that are not quite feeling like 'themselves'.  That get up and go is gone and the drive to live a strong, young and active life isn't there anymore.  To find out if you're a good candidate, we run a blood analysis to measure your testosterone levels along with other hormones to ensure we're addressing the route cause of your issue.  If needed, we introduce low levels of testosterone back to your body bringing your total testosterone back to a youthful state.  We measure your blood levels throughout the therapy to make sure we are reaching your goals safely.

What are the benefits?
  • Increase sex drive

  • More energy

  • More alert and active

  • Improved outlook on life

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We use a variety of compounded pharmaceuticals to help increase your testosterone levels safely and effectively.   All TRT patients must first be tested for a variety of conditions by providing us with in-office blood sample.  That sample will be tested for testosterone, estrogen, PSA, blood count, DHEA and Progesterone along with a number of other factors.  Provided your approved, one of our certified MDs will review your possible solutions.

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Pro 1 Health is a trusted men’s health clinic, located in Minnetonka, Minnesota. We offer leading treatments for Erectile Dysfunction (ED), Peyronie’s Disease (PD) and Low Testosterone (TRT) and much more. Our #1 priority is to help you reclaim your sexual health and confidence.


How do we treat a variety of health issues?  Based on your medical profile.

Our certified medical professionals will recommend the best treatment(s) for you after we've isolated the primary causes of the issue.  At PRO 1 Health, we don't just have 1 or 2 solutions...we have many effective treatments to get your sex life back, FAST!

A Leading Health Services Clinic

We are a GOOGLE 5 STAR health clinic located in Minnetonka, MN.  We help men get their lives back and put erectile dysfunction, low-testosterone and other aging conditions in the rear view mirror.  We use the latest in technology, medications and effective solutions that work fast.  In many cases, as soon as DAY 1.

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